We offer a platform for flagship courses in Public Health

Continuous professional development of public health professionals is crucial to create strong, adaptive and resilient health systems. To strenghten the professionalisation of the public health workforce, the PHTA centralizes courses of ASPHER's members whilst providing flagship programs in the heart of Europe. In addition, mapping of training needs aims to catalyze the harmonization of training demand and offer with the field of public health.

Pillar I:

Mapping of training needs

(more to come)

Pillar II:

Inventory of CPD courses accross Europe

Pillar III:

Public health training in the European context

ASPHER aims to establish an umbrella structure that brings together high-quality training in public health by taking advantage of the capacity of its members and by centralizing training in it's online platform. The ambition of this Public Health Training Academy is to address the needs for training of the public health workforce by providing cutting-edge short courses that allow public health professionals to advance their career.

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